Monday, 16 May 2011


Here's another UWA III entry, this time by Veruca Vandyke entitled 'Escape

Chaffro says: Again, another great example of where less is more. I like the simplicity of the room that the female character is in, yet despite its relative simplicity, I love how stylish it is - lots of subtle detail in there, and the purple frame is a great focal point. The sound effects in the film are perfectly done and really lend themselves to the feel of the whole thing. It's very well lit too; for a film that spends much of its time in tunnels, the lighting is nicely balanced and again adds to the atmosphere. My only criticism would be the pacing - I think some of the shots where there isn't much going on could be trimmed by a few seconds here and there, but at the same time, that could be turned into a positive; it does add to the 'unsettling' feel of those underground sequences.

All in all, a nice little movie! Two paws up!

Pyewacket says: Escape is an engaging machinima - from the clever opening shot, to the use of sound to confuse time and place - Escape is a delightful expression of pure imagination.

Veruca Vandyke's talent is obvious. What she needs is better camera options. So, here's a hopefully helpful machinima tip. Grab hold of a USB game controller and head over to the Second Life Flycam Wiki. Expect to spend quite a few hours setting up the parameters to fit your comfort zone, but it will make all the difference in your camera options.

Two Paws WAY up!

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