Monday, 18 April 2011

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Rain

Here's a little musical number from Aleph Newman as part of his 'Crowman' series.

Chaffro says: I love the bravery of this machinima. Essentially it's one long continuous take, which I know from experience is a daunting enough task to carry off successfully, but to also do it in 'first person' in Second Life is amazing; I'm going to assume that the walk was rehearsed several times before he hit the Record shortcut button!

The use of the weather effects is subtle enough not to detract from the character and the slow pans are really effective with giving the viewer a great sense of perspective. It's a shame it's so dark though - it's effective to start with, but I think some of the details of the build get lost in the darkness. Overall though, I think it's fab!

Two Paws Up!

Pyewacket says: Considering all the restraints that were called for in the project, nicely done.

I found camera motion distracting - not sure if it's a follow cam or an adjustment to the SL camera - but we have few options for first person. Like you, I think it's a bit too dark - but the rendering is first rate. Nice find Chaff!

I gives it a One Paw Up and look forward to Aleph Newman's future work.


  1. Good essay about machinimas. It's true: move the mouse and the avatar at the same time is difficult. For this and another things I think the natural way for the machinima in the future is the team work, as on the cinema industry.

    I agree about the excessive darkness. I will try to improve it in the next, maybe on the edition, as I like to shooting dark scenes.

    Some information:
    * I used the 'Space Navigator' (3d mouse, by Logitech) to move the avatar;
    * The use of only one take was proposital. This was one of the several main concepts I wanted keep until the last chapter (Crows on the move), when I decided to change adding more takes.

    Great blog. Was a pleasure to write about machinimas here. Until next!

    Alexandre S Mattos
    Aleph Newman

  2. Thanks for your comment Aleph! Keep up the good work!

  3. Ah! You moved the avatar with the Space Navigator. I use flycam for the camera - so I'll have to give your way a try.
    Thanks for the comments.