Monday, 18 April 2011

Rusted Gears

Here's a UWA-entry machinima poem by Bryn Oh.

Pyewacket says: For some time now, Bryn's machinima has been evolving as an additional dimension of her in-world art, and "Rusted Gears" is arguably her finest effort yet. As if the usually autonomous disciplines were insufficient to express what she needed to say, Bryn has woven strands of words, music, movement, sound and form to strike a universal chord. This is poetry at it's best.

All the visual effects in Bryn's work are created in-world, no post production - and her mastery of the platform is unsurpassed. Particularly impressive was her handling of the UWA Clock Tower. That solution was there for all to discover - but it took Bryn to see it.

Two Paws Up! Way Up!

Chaffro says: Autonomous disciplines? Is that like the Laws of Robotics? I've no idea what you're talking about. Anyway, I like the transitions, it's nicely paced and the minimal quality of the whole thing retains your attention and makes you watch. And it's got music by my favourite Icelandic post-rock band, Sigur Ros, so it has a whole lot going for it.

However, at 1:27 the poem reads "but you left me for" which is GRAMMATICAL SUICIDE! She should've said "but you left me", which has enough impact enough on its own, and then included the 'for' at the beginning of the next sentence. Until then each sentence has a stand-alone quality, but I know why; the next sentence - "emotions true" - looks better as just two words, but for me that single decision has ruined the whole experience for me! That aside, it is the perfect example of how 'less is more' and for that, it rocks.

Two Paws Up!

Pyewacket Says: I meant that painting, music, poetry etc - sometimes called disciplines - are usually done on their own - autonomously - but that Bryn has the talent and skill to mush them all up together and make something new - and even better.

Poetry dun haz grammars, silly!

Chaffro says: Well, it should.

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