Thursday, 23 June 2011


Chaffro says: So, SL8B is in full swing, and whilst wandering I stumbled across a might impressive build by claudia222 Jewell, which in turn directed me to find this video on YouTube. I'm not sure if Claudia also produced this video, but it is of one of her works at least. I like this film though. It's paced nicely, the shots are gently done and the transitions work nicely too. Not entirely taken with the music, but it does lift the film into a different realm of sorts, in that it makes it a more dream-y and whimsical video; I can't help but think that with a different, perhaps more ominous sounding score, it would have a very different effect entirely!

Two paws up!

Pyewacket says: This is a wonderful build and lovely machinima. This particular creation is magnificent when viewed from a distance - and a few more long shots would have been welcome. Complex sculpts suffer under close scrutiny - and the depth of field function, even though very well used here, makes this stand out too starkly. Other than that, nicely done.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Virtual Popcorn At SL8B

We gots a Drive-In Theater at SL8B - featuring the World Of Outstanding Tiny Machinima. WOOT! Click here for your ticket.

Watch machinimas on the big screen from one of our magically one prim "Toadsters" (made overnight by our great friend Toady Nakamura when we realized we were going to use up our prim limit with one car. Thanks Toady!)

If for one of possibly thousands of reasons the video won't play for you inworld, clicking on the red stripped pole to the right of the screen (or here) will bring you to our playlist of tiny centric machinimas on YouTube - or clicking on one of the posters hanging on the fence will bring up a URL to our featured films.

We'll be having informal machinima making Q&A's during the celebration and will post the dates here and on the official SL8B events calendar. So, if you have any questions, come on over and we'll try to sort stuff out.

As you leave, don't forget to click one of the posters hanging in back of our marquees for a landmark to the Raglan Shire Tiny Traveling Circus.

Monday, 16 May 2011


Here's another UWA III entry, this time by Veruca Vandyke entitled 'Escape

Chaffro says: Again, another great example of where less is more. I like the simplicity of the room that the female character is in, yet despite its relative simplicity, I love how stylish it is - lots of subtle detail in there, and the purple frame is a great focal point. The sound effects in the film are perfectly done and really lend themselves to the feel of the whole thing. It's very well lit too; for a film that spends much of its time in tunnels, the lighting is nicely balanced and again adds to the atmosphere. My only criticism would be the pacing - I think some of the shots where there isn't much going on could be trimmed by a few seconds here and there, but at the same time, that could be turned into a positive; it does add to the 'unsettling' feel of those underground sequences.

All in all, a nice little movie! Two paws up!

Pyewacket says: Escape is an engaging machinima - from the clever opening shot, to the use of sound to confuse time and place - Escape is a delightful expression of pure imagination.

Veruca Vandyke's talent is obvious. What she needs is better camera options. So, here's a hopefully helpful machinima tip. Grab hold of a USB game controller and head over to the Second Life Flycam Wiki. Expect to spend quite a few hours setting up the parameters to fit your comfort zone, but it will make all the difference in your camera options.

Two Paws WAY up!